Sunday, March 20, 2011

I heart lamp.

Bryant picked ornate lanterns for our challenge, and then shit hit the fan for me, haha.  Still, I scratched this out between a trip to the ER for a migraine, being without my car (or my apartment) for 2 days, and trying to meet deadlines at work LIEK A BOSS.

 I don't have any process shots - I just looked at some ref on the web, got to drawing, and there it is.  This was my first draft.  I don't know.  I'm pretty meh about it, but at least I got it done.

Shortly after I finished the lantern, I drew a silly sketch of Lady Hawke from Dragon Age 2.  She's sporting a French 'stache.  Yeah, it doesn't make sense, and it's not supposed to.  The 'stache is an inside joke from my D20 Modern group... >_>'

I used a screen grab of her face from the prologue and slapped a mustache on there, along with a worried ghost face.  Yep.  That's what I do - draw crazy shit that makes no sense.  /high five!

Finally, I decided to try participating in the local comic book store's sketch challenges.  The past week was Iron Man.  I kept mine pretty classy, don't you think?

We have an hour limit... I used 50 minutes, with some ref for the armor.  Yeah, I drew it on a backing board.  That's how the challenges work >_>'

It's 9pm on a Sunday night, and after canceling a few plans this week due to not feeling well, I think I'm going to prep for my doctor's appointment tomorrow and go to bed.  Night all :D

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Random shite on Harmony

I'm working on the next challenge, but I thought I'd put this up for lulz.  I drew this on in a few minutes while at work.

I also forgot to post up my pic of HAUNTED BANANAS that I did as an art trade with @everydayfoxlife:

Now to return to a crummy week of migraines, high blood pressure, and destroyed rear bumpers!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Worgens represent! (and other stuff, too!)

Well, shit hit the fan right after I submitted this challenge to Bryant, and we both ended up delaying our submissions :/  Anyway...

Here's the "final" - the cleanest line art I had for Zakarial.  He doesn't look much like a Worgen from Wow, does he?  Between the face and the armor (I nipped that from Dragon Age: Origins)... it was still fun, though, and a learning experience!

I did a few studies to get to the final product - here is my first worgen... um, yeah... back to the drawing board!

So I worked on some leg studies first, because the worgen legs were giving me fits.

Also, the faces were messing me up too. I've never really drawn anthro... well, ANYTHING before. So, I hit up my copy of Blacksad and went to work!  I basically copied the faces, and then tried to reconstruct them myself.

I felt confident enough for a second try, so I sketched up a female worgen getting frustrated with a fishing daily.  Instead, I got frustrated with her hands, and gave up.

Finally, I drew up Zakarial (the first image, haha), and printed it out so I could hash out a possible background.  I used the Tudor housing from the last challenge as inspiration.

And, as promised in the title of this post, here is the other stuff!

Random dudes using the gesture drawing tool by Pixelovely:

Then another random dude while watching Dave Rapoza's Livestream (bonus content - a random M!Hawke face from Dragon Age 2!):

I got bored at work one day (I had to stay late) and I sketched this up in between searching for graphs. I used ballpoint pens and some Copics I had in my backpack.

And finally, something from yesterday's lunch break. It was supposed to be a warrior woman with a huge claymore, but that kind of failed (my layout was poor), and it ended up being a hapless male adventurer holding on to a rope >_>

Whew!  I think I'm done with this post.  Now I'm just waiting for the next assignment... (I'm talking about you, Bryant!).