Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Anatomy studies, and a landscape

This is all I have for the last week - I just can't seem to get my head in the game, so to speak.  Something's better than nothing, though.  All of these were done in 20 to 30 minutes, using ref.

In video game news, I've been playing a ton of Final Fantasy XIII, and I'm loving it so far.  Mass Effect 2 is probably my personal Game of the Year, but still - having a blast for the most part.  I'm seriously considering canceling my WoW account till Cataclysm, and now I have friends telling me to join them on Star Trek Online or Champions Online, haha.  I'm considering it, at least till Star Wars: The Old Republic and Final Fantasy XIV come out...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Holy crap there's art in this post??

First off - I'm severely disappointed in White Knight Chronicles :/  It doesn't sit well with me when I'm playing a game, and all of a sudden I beat the final boss, and I didn't even know it was the final boss.  I literally sat there, staring at the screen, controller in hand, saying, "... this isn't the end, is it?  Is it? What the hell, I think I just beat the game!  WTF?"

So anyway, I'm playing Assassin's Creed on the PS3.  I have to say, I like the game a lot, even with the repetitive missions.  There's no way in Hell I'm going after all of those hidden flags, though.  That's a definite time sink, and this is coming from someone who has played World of Warcraft since release (except for a 9 month break, but I digress).  I can't wait to open up Assassin's Creed II, but that will have to be delayed till I finish ACI (and then Final Fantasy XIII comes out, so... yeah).

I promised art in the post title, so here goes - all are studies from the past two weeks (two of them are from today, actually).

This was from a study demo from Analytical Figure Drawing SP08 that I did on 02/17 during my lunch break.


This was a shot at a quick environment, also done at work during a lunch break.  This was from a few days ago, I believe.


Hey, look!  It's my stapler, my Gunnar glasses box case, and a box of Kleenex, all sitting at my cube at work!


These are just anatomy studies I did today.  The torsos are from lunch today, and the lips and eyes and whatnot were done while watching Dave Rapoza's Monday Night Stream today (of course I missed it live, so I watched it after the fact on Livestream).


Okay, I'm going to finish watching the Monday Night Stream, and head off to bed.