Tuesday, December 15, 2009

RIP Nintendo Wii - I hardly knew ye. Too much waggle.

I have a ton of geometric head structure studies from last night and my lunch break today - probably about 3hrs worth from last night - but I'm so not in the mood to scan them.  My Nintendo Wii - or the disc drive, at least - died today.

I'm pissed because I bought my mom the Wii Fit Plus so she could use it for her hip rehabilitation exercises, and of course the Wii decides to crap out NOW.  It's not like I played it very much (didn't have many games that I liked, or the ones that I did like were destroyed later on), so I don't know why the fuck it stopped reading discs.  I can go on the internet, check out the Wii channels, but I can't play a fucking game disc.  I mean, wtf - it was able to play games after it survived the sewer back-up a year and a half ago.  Lame.

So Mom and I are going to buy a new Wii tomorrow - we're gonna go halfsies on it.  That way if she's still playing it when I move out, it's hers, but if she's done with it by then, I'll take it with me.

In the meantime, I'm going to play video games to try and calm down.  I'll scan and post the studies tomorrow.

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