Saturday, February 12, 2011


It's round 3 of Random Assignments with Bryant, and I picked guns this time around.  He pushed me for more details (we wanted to avoid the vagueness of "trees"), so I picked 19th century hand guns :3  So, without further ado...

This is the "final" version - I didn't spend much time on it because I was getting sleepy (was doing laundry at Mom's house, and I actually just got home a short time ago).  I did the values for the wood stock in grayscale, and slapped an overlay layer above it to lay down the colors ('sup, cheater?), but I did the rest of the coloring with a normal hard, round brush.

Next up, the pencils:

I kept the background color when I saved this so it wasn't just a glaring white picture.

My drafts/practice drawings:

'Sup, Zangief?? >_>

And finally, random shit and feet!

I was doing some studies, so I thought I'd just include them on this post.

And now I'm really tired, and I'm having company over tomorrow, and I still need to clean, so I should probably hit the hay.  Good night!

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