Friday, June 3, 2011

My Bith Likes to Party All The Time

B and I did a lil' something different for our challenge this time around - we started them "live," so to speak, when I was visiting him!  I was nervous as all get out, especially since he told me the subject matter whilst I was driving to visit - BITH from Star Wars!  Of course, I misheard, and thought he said, "Sith!"

I sucked it up, though, and cranked this out in about 2 hours (I think) while we were chillin'.  He had ref for me to nab, so I did, and I went to work.  I did a warm-up sketch that isn't super relevant to this discussion, so I left it out.  Here is my final one (compare and contrast with his awesome Bith Jedi! I'm so ashamed!)

I did some other random stuff since then - I didn't scan all of it because there wasn't much to scan.  I was out of town for a few days, and I didn't have much time to sit and draw much.

Here is a page of random studies, and a totally not-scary monk:

Here is a page of random heads (I cracked open my figure drawing book from Michael Hampton again):

And here are some random perspective/background attempts I did yesterday during lunch:

I can't do much sketching during lunch today, since I used this time to get this stuff posted, but I think I'll try to crack some studies and stuff out once I get home tonight.  Hopefully my apartment isn't an oven when I get home!


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