Friday, May 13, 2011

Han shot first, but I still like 'em as a whole!

B's challenge this time aound was RODIANS from Star Wars.  I started grabbing some refs, and... it kind of got away from me >_>

Here's my first (and only!) sketch:

I grabbed ref for the guns and some of the clothing, and his face (duh), but all in all it took me... maybe an hour and a half?

After talking to B about it via email, I decided to try giving this a background of some sort.  I made a photocopy of the pic at work and spent another 50 minutes drawing the background elements on a piece of copy paper.

I'm... pretty proud of this.  For now, at least :D

I need to think about the next assignment now!  Well, I need to think about it after work, I suppose, when I'm not celebrating Mom's birthday, or playing Portal 2, or whatever.



  1. I think the rest of his sentence is gonna be "..uuuukkk yeah!" Which is how I feel about this dude. Scoundrels rock.

  2. Todd - I love scoundrels, but I almost never play them, haha! Maybe next time I'll play a Rodian Scoundrel!