Monday, May 9, 2011

Some doodles

I've been drawing a bit more often than usual, but I'm lazy and don't like scanning my studies.  However, I did take my lunch break to draw the last three pages I worked on in my sketchbook.

The first pic is a poor sketch of Hellboy.  I used almost no ref (and it shows), but the main purpose of this was to put my anatomy studies to use.

The second pic is a random superhero-type flying in the air.  I used a picture of a diver for the pose and threw on the anatomy (the diver was all kitted out in diving gear). I want to get back into drawing superheroes, like I did when I was in high school.

This last pic is a piece of fanart for Dragon Age 2 - it's the end of the duel between the Arishok and F!Hawke (who happens to be a rogue in this picture) in Act 2.  I used ref for the Arishok's armor and F!Hawke's armor, but the rest was from imagination.  Hooray!  This took me about 2 hours total to draw.

And that about wraps up my lunch break today... I hope to post more soon!

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