Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What a difference a year (and 3 months) can make

Yesterday I marked up the last page of my cheap 70pg sketchbook from Target.  It's a picture of Renegade!F!Shepard from Mass Effect 2.

As I was drawing it, I realized I had done a similar picture about a year ago... and I was pretty sure I had posted it on here.  So I went through my "archives" (lolz) and found it - the influx of studies, Dragon Age fanart, ME fanart, and other assorted stuff (the post is here).

The picture I was thinking of was this one:

The styles are pretty different (although I'd recognize my heavy lines no matter what), but it occurred to me that I was going for more realism in both pictures when I drew them.  It's amazing what a year+ of practice can do. 

(also, I'm pretty sure that the one from my moleskin too me longer to draw than the one I drew yesterday)

I'm not sure which one is "better" - they both have their strengths and weaknesses.  The important thing is that I'm making some progress, even if it looks like I'm taking steps back sometimes, instead of just resting on my laurels.

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